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Blending science and senses, ritual and experimentation. Obsessing over every detail. Roasting lightly. Respecting the beans – and the individuals who savour speciality coffee.

Origin Coffee Pathfinder Espresso

An ardent collective of farmers, pickers, sorters, drivers, rakers, washers, dry millers, cuppers, roasters, trainers, baristas and drinkers. Evolving over many years, countless miles and infinite beans. Each has a different relationship with coffee, but the same goal: to make yours exceptional.

Measuring Up

Dan Fellows 2016 UK Barista Champion

# 1 in 2016 UK Barista Championships (Dan Fellows, Head of Wholesale)
# 2 in 2015 UK Coffee In Good Spirits (Dan Fellows)
# 2 in 2015 UK Brewers Cup (Joshua Tarlo, Head of Coffee)
# 1 in 2012 UK Coffee in Good Spirits (Dan Fellows)
# 1 in 2008 UK Barista Championships (Hugo Hercod, Relish in Wadebridge, with Origin coffee)


Eye contact, handshakes and bumpy jeep rides through the mist. Good coffee depends on good relationships. Which means being on the ground.

Direct Trade Sourcing Trip, Colombia

Origin Coffee Roasters Direct Trade Sourcing Trip Colombia

Our approach to coffee sourcing is through direct trade, a philosophy and ethical practice true to speciality coffee.

Through our direct trade practice we're able to support our farm and mill partners directly, giving our drinkers full traceability of the coffee in their cup. When we direct trade we pay at least 50% over and above Fairtrade prices, without exception. We visit the farmers or mill representatives at least once a year - in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil - we ask questions and we listen. To the farmers, to the workers, and to their families. Our partners are committed to environmentally and socially sustainable practices. We know this because we see it with our own eyes.

The stories behind each cup stretch across continents and through generations of expertise. It's our responsibility to share those stories with the drinker.

Fincas Mierisch Coffee Farm Worker

Colombia Direct Trade Sourcing Trip

  “You don’t look at throwing out coffee or spilling beans in the same way when you’ve met the people who individually picked the coffee. The people who raked the submerged coffee with heavy wooden tools to free it of its pulp, the people who stood over the coffee in the hot Ethiopian sun to select which beans made the cut and which didn’t.”

– Joshua Tarlo, Head of Coffee 

Speciality Coffee Processing_Raking Coffee


Powered by the perfect blend of passion, precision, curiosity and caffeine, the Origin Roastery is where knowledge and instinct unite.

Loring Smart Roast coffee roasters at Origin's roastery

Breathing in the grassy aromas as each carefully-sourced sack of green beans is first opened. Constantly monitoring the controlled atmosphere and consistent roasting capability of our two Loring Smart roasters. Checking colour, form and smell as the coffee beans develop. Diligently tasting each roast, over a number of days, to hit the perfect flavour note. It’s a complex process with infinite variables, but one thing is always the same: the relentless pursuit of quality dominates every stage. Bringing out the best of each coffee bean is as much about harnessing our senses, as it is using the best engineering and equipment. We pour our all into both, to create a cup that will exceed your expectations.