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La Negrita Geisha Tartaric Fermentation

La Negrita Geisha Tartaric Fermentation
Flavour profiles

Maraschino Cherry, Blackcurrant Jam, Strawberry Coulis

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Farm information
Tartaric Fermentation
Mauricio Shattah
Villa Restrepo, Tolima
1,800 masl

A coffee that truly stands at the forefront of world coffee.

This lot was created using the unique tartaric fermentation process. It involves adding organic food acid derived from red grapes to water that the coffee is fermenting in. The acid then interacts with the coffee as it ferments, creating new flavours and depth, adding new dimensions to a coffee varietal known to be the most celebrated in the world.

Negrita the farm is unassuming from the road. Its humble appearance is in contrast to its incredible output. Once you arrive and walk towards the old farm house, you see a trail of geisha seedlings running alongside the path. Over the porch the farm lays in front of you, a slope to your left is covered in unique coffee varietals, the wet mill in front of you is tranquil and pristine. It is a quiet place that creates outstanding coffee.


Special pre-release to celebrate its performance in the UKBC. The first roast for this coffee will be Monday 23rd of April. 

After the 23rd, roast days will return to every Friday. 

All orders placed by midnight the day before will be sent out first-class on the roast day.